The Choconut Foundation is an organization consisting of alumni, families, and friends associated with Camp Choconut, an overnight camp for boys located on Lake Choconut near Friendsville, Pennsylvania next to the New York State border. Camp Choconut opened in 1896 as one of the first overnight summer camps in the United States. It closed in 1954. S. Hamill Horne, who had been both a camper and counselor at Choconut, subsequently reopened the camp in 1961. You can learn more about Ham Horne here.

Horne kept a number of camp traditions and introduced important new ones: a focus on outdoor living skills, cooperation over competition, and a unique combination of work projects, free time and fun. Horne retired in 1985 and the camp remained closed until it reopened in 2007 under the guidance and leadership of Fred Lorber, a former camper and counselor who kept Ham's vision alive to help create beautiful memories for kids through 2012. While the camp is closed now, the memories last a lifetime.

The best way to keep in touch these days is through the Friends of Camp Choconut Facebook Group, which consists of over 200 members. Please join us!

If you are interested in renting the camp on Lake Choconut, good news: you can. It's a time warp, just as you remember it from 20, 30, 40, or 50 years ago. It's perfect for weddings and reunions. Learn more at

If you love legalese, be sure to check out the Choconut Foundation Bylaws. Yes, they need to be updated. (Any lawyers out there looking for some pro bono work? Half kidding.)

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